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On December 11, the Education Committee of the New York City Council convened an over sight hearing on Diversity in New York City Schools. As part of the overarching issue, Resolution 442, was discussed. Reso 442 seeks to support a bill pending in Albany that would eliminate the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test as the sole criteria for admissions to the specialized high schools and substitute multiple criteria. 

About 45 people showed up to testify in opposition to Resolution 442 and urged that the current admission system be kept with increased efforts being made by the Department of Education to identify and support promising children in underrepresented communities with free test prep and other services to better prepare them for taking the test. 

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Event Recap

Brooklyn Tech Celebration 11/20

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the The Brooklyn Tech Celebration on Thursday, November 20th!  This year's honorees included: Sam Schwartz ’65 and John diDomenico ’69 for the Distinguished Alumni Awards; Peter Hoftyzer '59, Jay Russinoff, and Len Malech '62 for the Tech Faculty Emeritus Awards; Nelly Rosario '90, Yana Bromberg '97, Frederick Davis '98, and Robert Christopher Riley '98 for the Technite- Young Alumni Recognition Award; George Cuhaj '77 for the Blue and White Outstanding Service/Leadership Award; and Hervé Damas '90 for the MVP Alumni Award.

Career Day

Career Day 11/09

This year marked the 8th Annual Career Day at Brooklyn Tech. We welcomed over 100 presenters and an estimated 4,800 students heard their stories in class. Speakers such as Deepti Sharma Kapur '04, CEO and founder of Food to Eat, Amen Ra Mashariki '92, Chief Analytics Officer for Mayor deBlasio, and Stanley Chesler '64, U.S.District Judge, U.S. District Court, Newark N.J., spoke to the students at Tech.

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Meet Our New Faculty

Brianne McDonnell – Health, Phys Ed Department

Brianne McDonnell

What are you looking forward to the most during the school year?
The students! Getting to know them, getting involved, coaching, and having new experiences!

What experiences do you feel will most benefit the students at Tech?
Getting involved in activities and meeting new people.

What did you do before Tech?
Prior to Tech I coached varsity basketball and junior varsity soccer. I am also the current assistant soccer coach for LIU Post.

Name a fun fact about you that is not related to teaching.
I am a tough mudder.

Wandy Chang, Principals of Engineering, Engineering Department

Wandy Chang

What are you looking forward to the most during the school year?
I am looking forward to getting to know the students, having great projects, and watching students get excited about engineering.

What experiences do you feel will most benefit the students at Tech?
Hands on learning

What did you do before Tech?
I am a trained architect and worked in Pennsylvania for 5 years. My projects ranged from museums, to skyscrapers and school designs.

Name a fun fact about you that is not related to teaching.
I have two basset hounds and can complete those 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Richard Lopez, Digital Electronics, Engineering Department

Richard Lopez

What are you looking forward to the most during the school year?
I am most looking forward to working on electronic projects with the students.

What experiences do you feel will most benefit the students at Tech?
The combination of great students, talented teachers, and engaging activities will most benefit the students.

What did you do before Tech?
I worked for 25 years with naval software and surveillance systems.

Name a fun fact about you that is not related to teaching.
I am a wilderness survival instructor and can teach people how to tell time by the sun.

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Facility Upgrades

We are working on the renovation of the 1st floor gym that entails the coordination of construction with the School Construction Authority (SCA) and the school; resurfaced foor, a paint job, bleechers and creating a stationary wall in place of the huge sliding wall are all included. Our auditorium is undergoing improvements as we work with the SCA, engineers, and architects to put together a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the installation of HVAC. The Brooklyn Tech Athletic Field will be refurbished to include new turf to install ion of new bleachers, lighting and infrastructure for a field house. We have completed the installation of new Hall of Fame backing panels and the new plaques. The Re-Dedication ceremony is set to take place on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

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Where Are They Now?
Erika Balfour

Erika Balfour MD '82 is Assistant Professor at Columbia University.  She serves as the head medical and health judge for the NYC Science and Engineering Fair. Dr. Balfour recently founded MeduSphere Science, LLC, a company focusing on biotechnology solutions and education. Sample chapters of her new book, Being An Empowered Patient. Michael Wang, a fellow Technite , designed the cover of this book .

Amen Ra Mashariki

Amen Ra Mashariki '92 was named the Chief Analytics Officer for Mayor deBlasio's Administration.As senior executive in the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics, Mr. Mashariki will be the point person on projects that utilize the city's open data strategies, using public information to create initiatives that serve the public good. 

 Christine Pembroke

Christine K. Pembroke '08 is a recent graduate from the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering where she majored in construction management. Upon graduation, Christine moved to the D.C. Metro area where she is currently working with Clark Construction Group, LLC. She is an office engineer on their Chinese Embassy project. She's also still involved with The National Society of Black Engineers - D.C. Professionals Chapter as well as her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 

John Goudelias '81 - recently received his pilot's license. 

Nicole Jordan '00, a Gateway Major graduate, is changing careers from fashion design to medicine. 

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Internship Report


Jorge Lema '15 of the Law and Society major interned for Judge Kennedy '85 and Mrs. Angela Redman (her court attorney). He attributes this fortuitous opportunity to Ms. Kennedy's kindness in taking on someone with little-to-no experience in the legal field, and credits his junior year AP US Government, AP US History, and AP Psychology courses for helping him better understand the realities of the role.

Lisa Je

Lisa Je '14 interned for BSAF, the Chemical Company after their Vice President, Robert Ianniello '72 helped establish a summer program there.  She usually worked in the labs by metallation samples, impregnating metals and making new samples out of FCC catalyst. Then she would work in anaylsis by running a Horiba machine which measures the amount of Coke in a sample. 

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Mike Boulis Honored
Michael Boulis   

Although Hurricane Sandy took place nearly two years ago, its devastating affects can still be felt today.  Over the course of the summer Mr. Boulis volunteered to do Certificates of Elevation for the residents of Staten Island who were affected. He surveyed over 100 houses and completed, signed, and sealed "Certificates of Elevation" for the homes which were affected. 

 For this work Mr. Boulis was honored at the World Cares Center’s annual Iron Skillet Cook-Off in October of this year.

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In Memoriam

The Foundation sadly announces the passing of the following alumni and former facutly. Our condolences are extended to their families and friends:

Loren Hall '83 Irwin B. Margiloff '48
Andrea Kanner  Theodore E. Meyer '48
Elaine Osterweil  Clifton D. Trested '48
Irving Schachter  Martin S. Axelrod '49
Thomas A. O'Beirne '38 Lawrence Gildenburg '49
William W. Aird '40 James J. McConnell '51
George Sitkoff '40 Ignatius Gennaci '52
Donald Barrett '42 Henry Orff '52
Jerome Brown '42 Joseph Nunes '53
Harry P. Hanye '42 Ralph J. Kettenbeil '55
William B. Leesemann '42 Salvatore Brescia '57
Norman W. Castellani '43 Harvey Kalmeyer '60
Eugene M. Wroblewski '43 Victor B. Montana '60
Robert E. Guggenheim '45 Walter Skuggevig '60
Herman Tartazky '45 Joel T. DeLessio '61
Joseph Muranyi '46 Alan S. Fitter '65
Robert J. Dinerstein '47 Philip Rosenbaum '66
Harry B. Schaechter '47 Herbert Fritz '68
Mark J. Beran '48 Cynthia Ferguson '82
James P. Kane '48 Mutahir Rauf '09


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