May 2010

In This Issue:
1. Homecoming 2010 Brings Out Smiles
2. Orr '55 and Gasby '72 Awarded Honorary Diplomas
3. Forever Young at Brooklyn Tech
4. Career Day 2010
5. Stars Shine Brightly at Tech
6. Alumni News

Homecoming 2010 Brings Out Smiles
You can, indeed, come home again, judging from the smiling faces of the hundreds of joyful alums who returned to their alma mater on April 23rd and 24th for Homecoming 2010.

Attendees were treated to a full, two-day program that included lunch at Juniors, a masterful student production of the musical, "Sweeney Todd," class photo sessions and a building tour in which current administrators and teachers partnered as tour guides with retired counterparts to help contrast Tech's past and present.

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Orr '55 and Gasby '72 Awarded Honorary Diplomas
They each left Brooklyn Tech before completing their senior years, and never got to celebrate at graduation with their classmates. They each continued their educations elsewhere, married and went on to enjoy fulfilling professional careers. But it seemed that one important thing was missing from their lives - a Brooklyn Tech diploma. At Homecoming 2010, that void was filled.

After repeating the graduation oath, Floyd Orr'55 and Dan Gasby '72 received honorary Brooklyn Tech diplomas from Principal Randy Asher in front of a cheering crowd of welcoming alumni at the Homecoming assembly program.

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Forever Young at Brooklyn Tech
They are sitting in the spacious Brooklyn Tech student cafeteria, attending Homecoming 2010, eating lunch and trading stories like the high school students they once were. They are Virgil V. Chiavetta '35, Peter Ness '37 and his kid cousin, Walter Ness'39. Virgil explaines that he returns to Tech because "It brings back such wonderful memories." He laments no longer seeing any of his '35 classmates, "but I know these two fellas from coming years back," he says as he points to the Ness cousins.

Virgil chuckles as he recalls how ecstatic his English teacher would appear each day as she'd charge into a classroom filled with Depression era "roughneck boys," determined to make them all lovers of literature. One day she read aloud from a book review and gushed over "the beauty of this compound sentence." The men laugh and Virgil confesses, "It's hilarious when you stop and think about it." Still smiling, he concludes that she was a wonderful teacher.
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Career Day 2010
Brooklyn Tech's career Day 2010 can be summarized very simply: past meets present for future.

On Saturday, April 10th, 55 alums returned to Tech to speak with over 500 current students about how Brooklyn Tech education can lead to success. The 3rd Annual Career Day was organized and sponsored by the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, the Young Entrepreneur Association and the National Honor Society. Students learned about careers, networked with alumni and explored job shadowing and internship opportunities. Meanwhile, the day offered alumni the chance to return to the institution that had nurtured their dreams.

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Stars Shine Brightly at Tech

Hundreds of “Avatar” fans were star-struck when actor Sigourney Weaver and the director of the groundbreaking film, James Cameron walked onto the Brooklyn Tech auditorium stage to kick off a public speaking competition on Saturday, April 17th. But by the end of the day, it was the Hollywood stars who left dazzled by the performances of Brooklyn Tech’s students and teachers.

The goals of the “Words That Shook The World” campaign are to create a nation of what Mr. Cameron calls “eco-warriors” and to stress the importance of public speaking skills. Student finalists were asked to explain how they could apply an environmental lesson learned from “Avatar” to their communities. Teachers were challenged to demonstrate how they could apply these lessons in their classrooms.

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Alumni News

Ben Feller ’64 Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation Board Member and strong supporter of Brooklyn Tech passed away on May 20, 2010.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s Board of Directors has elected Anthony S. Bartolomeo ’70 as its Chairman. Mr. Bartolomeo is President and CEO of Pennoni Associates, an 800-person multi-disciplinary consulting engineering and design firm.

Richard LaMotta ’60 inventor, entrepreneur and creator of Chipwich cookie and ice cream sandwich, died at his home in Chappaqua, NY on May 11th. He was 67.

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