Brooklyn Tech Special Feature.- August 2009

Frederik Pohl - Tech's "Newest" Grad

Achilles Perry '58, Frederik Pohl '36, and Jeffrey Haitkin '62.

Achilles Perry '58, Frederik Pohl '36, and Jeffrey Haitkin '62.

Frederik Pohl, one of the nation’s most prominent science fiction writers, attended Brooklyn Tech in the Great Depression but was unable to complete his studies, and left in his senior year. To this day, he identifies himself as “Frederik Pohl, Not Quite ’36.” 

To remove the “not quite,” Brooklyn Tech has awarded an Honorary Diploma to Mr. Pohl. It was presented to him by Achilles Perry ’58, President of the Alumni Foundation and Jeffrey Haitkin ’62, Treasurer, who is a lifelong fan of Mr. Pohl. 

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