Homecoming Event Registration

Online registration for the below events is now closed. We encourage all attendees to register onsite, at the school.

Homecoming 2019 - Friday, April 5th at 8:45AM

$60.00 for adults and $15.00 for school aged children.

This event kicks off with breakfast in the lobby. Afterwords, attendees join in for an auditorium presentation – a panel Discussion About Tech Today. Once complete, guests tour the school in groups. Lunch is served at Junior’s Restaurant, just four blocks from Tech.

Homecoming 2019 - Saturday, April 6th at 9:45 AM

$75.00 for adults and $15 for school-aged children.

Saturday is our Annual Homecoming Celebration. Join the Meet and Greet in the 1st floor gym to reconnect with your classmates (coffee, tea and juice will be served). Then enjoy our auditorium program and dedication. Lunch will be served in the 7th floor cafeteria, followed by classroom expos and activities. Class group photos will follow.


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