Jeffrey M. Haitkin '62

Jeffrey graduated from Brooklyn Tech High School in 1962, received his BS in Accounting from New York University in 1968 and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University in 1971. Jeffrey along with his friend and partner, Achilles Perry ’58, spent more than three decades as a very successful real estate developer. In 1987, Jeffrey became a member of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation. From 1988 through 2010, Jeffrey served as the Treasurer. During his time on the Board, Jeffrey’s expertise in financial planning helped the Foundation reap rewards of wise investments and judicious spending. He served as financial counsel and mentor. He always approached his work with integrity, equanimity and enthusiasm.

The Alumni Foundation named its Faculty Grant Program in honor of Jeffrey Haitkin. It is our hope that all those who receive grants in the future, will learn about Jeffrey’s extraordinary contributions to Brooklyn Tech.

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