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Oppressive summer heat could not diminish their enthusiasm as the 1,010 members of the Class of 2010 donned caps and gowns at Brooklyn Tech’s 107th Commencement.

Parents, family members and friends filled the spacious Tech auditorium and cheered loudly as Tech’s newest graduates were honored. Having earned more than $132 million in scholarship and financial aid awards, the Class of 2010 left Tech well prepared for future successes.

In a keynote address Irwin Shapiro ’47, renowned astrophysicist and Timken University Professor at Harvard, recalled how unprepared he had been in 1947 to predict the “magical development” of scientific and technological advances that would change lives around the world. Sixty three years later, he confidently predicted to the graduates that “The pace of change will be rapid and sometimes dramatic.” He told them that their grandchildren would find their smart phones and flash drives as antiquated as they now regarded his slide rule and manual typewriter. He urged the graduates to “Contribute as you can to changes for the good” and to “always keep in mind the need to help those less fortunate.”

Class President Nicky Chen ’10 thanked parents, teachers, support staff and “the Alumni Foundation for their continued support as the backbone of Tech.” He commended the Class of 2010 for its school spirit that led to Tech being named “America’s Favorite School.”

Valedictorian Kevin Lee ’10 announced that “From this point on, we will forever be known as Brooklyn Tech alumni, a title that we can carry around with pride for the rest of our lives.” Salutatorian Krishna Panchal noted that “As of tonight, we will be joining a distinguished group of alumni that boasts Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, and leaders,” and concluded with a quote from the musical “Annie:” “How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


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