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“Friends forever” is a slogan often inscribed in high school yearbooks, but for many the complexities of life intervene and friends lose touch. Not so for Len Bloksberg, Dave Diness, Jack Galin and Josh Weston. These four friends met at Brooklyn Tech and since graduation have continued to socialize regularly, exchanging memories and photos.

What makes their story unusual is that graduation was 64 years ago – in 1946. As Galin describes it, they “enjoy each other as enthusiastically” as they did at Tech, when each was a member of Arista, Weston was class Valedictorian, Galin and Weston co-editors of the Blueprint, and all four wrote for the Survey.

Galin went on to Syracuse University while the others followed each other to CCNY. Weston was a Fulbright Scholar, Galin and Diness studied accounting and Bloksberg earned an MSW from Columbia and a PHD from Brandeis.

Diness became a CPA and taught accounting at SUNY Orange. Bloksberg taught at Boston University’s School of Social Work. Galin developed a chain of retail stores, worked in commercial real estate and co-owned a shopping center. Weston, a business leader and philanthropist, was CEO of Automatic Data Processing; in 2000 he was inducted into the Brooklyn Tech Hall of Fame.

The four Horsemen, as they call themselves, are now in their eighties. Galin says the nature of specialized high schools like Tech, where students come from across the city, contributed to the basis for their lifelong friendship. “Friendships were not created by mutuality of neighborhood,” he contends. “Our friendships grew from mutuality of interests, personalities and values.”

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