Brooklyn Tech’s Career Day 2010 can be summarized very simply: past meets present for future.

On Saturday April 10th, 55 alums returned to Tech to speak with over 500 current students about how a Brooklyn Tech education can lead to success. The 3rd annual Career Day was organized and sponsored by the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, the Young Entrepreneur Association and the National Honor Society. Students learned about careers, networked with alumni and explored job shadowing and internship opportunities. Meanwhile, the day offered alumni the chance to return to the institution that had nurtured their dreams. New York City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams ’94, the keynote speaker, encouraged Technites to take chances. “Don’t be afraid to fail….That’s how you learn to grow,” he advised. Crystal Bonds, Assistant Principal for Guidance, thanked the returning alumni for deciding to “give back to the new generation.”

Alumni Foundation vice president Jack Feinstein ’60, a child of immigrants who went on to a career in engineering, explained to students that Tech taught him that “if you wanted to work, you could be anything you wanted to be.”

Anthony Schirripa ’67, head of the architecture firm Mancini Duffy, president of the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects and member of the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors, told students how, during an assembly program, a civil engineer from Houston spoke about building things and “it turned a light on in my head.”

Louise Lingat ’11, who hopes to become a lawyer, clearly benefitted from today’s event. She learned a lot about the law school application process, the challenges of a litigator and also “how this career affects your personal life.” The professionals she met encouraged her to pursue her dream. Moktar Jama ’11 described his future plans as “pretty open to anything right now… business, law, medicine” but seemed especially fascinated by workshops that focused on psychiatry and cancer diagnostics.

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