They are sitting in the spacious Brooklyn Tech student cafeteria, attending Homecoming 2010, eating lunch and trading stories like the high school students they once were. They are Virgil V. Chiavetta ’35, Peter Ness ’37 and his kid cousin Walter Ness ’39. Virgil explains that he returns to Tech because “It brings back such wonderful memories.” He laments no longer seeing any of his ’35 classmates, “but I know these two fellas from coming years back,” he says as he points to the Ness cousins.

Virgil chuckles as he recalls how ecstatic his English teacher would appear each day as she’d charge into a classroom filled with Depression era “roughneck boys,” determined to make them all lovers of literature. One day she read aloud from a book review and gushed over “the beauty of this compound sentence.” The men laugh and Virgil confesses, “It’s hilarious when you stop and think about it.” Still smiling, he concludes that she was a wonderful teacher.

Peter Ness remembers the day Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia came to speak at an assembly program. He was raving about the “modern technology” now available to the New York Police Department. And he decided to prove it. So, he looked at his watch, announced the time, and then spoke into a state-of-the-art communications device. “Rush to the auditorium of Brooklyn Tech,” he commanded, and “within two minutes police charged down the aisles to the stage.”
The three men laugh… like school boys.

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