They each left Brooklyn Tech before completing their senior years, and never got to celebrate at graduation with their classmates. They each continued their educations elsewhere, married and went on to enjoy fulfilling professional careers. But it seemed that one important thing was missing from their lives – a Brooklyn Tech diploma. At Homecoming 2010, that void was filled.

After repeating the graduation oath, Floyd Orr ’55 and Dan Gasby ’72 received honorary Brooklyn Tech diplomas from Principal Randy Asher in front of a cheering crowd of welcoming alumni at the Homecoming assembly program.

Floyd Orr, the son of a Navy man, left Tech during his junior year when his father was reassigned to Riverside, California. He stayed in California and pursued a career in manufacturing, most recently with Kaman Industrial Technologies. Despite the miles and the years, his “deep and abiding love for this school” continued. (The story of his longstanding support of the Alumni Foundation appears in our February ’10 e-newsletter.) Floyd clutched his newly granted diploma and announced that this gift was “better than winning the lottery.”

Dan Gasby left Tech after his junior year to begin college at Colgate University. The philosophy major went on to a long and distinguished career in television sales and production and as Chairman of B. Smith Enterprises Ltd. Dan confessed that the most important thing he learned at Tech was that “it was okay to be a smart person in a school of smart people.” “Being smart is cool,” he chuckled. And as he waved his diploma in the air, he shouted, “I’m proud to be one of you.”

   Floyd Orr '55 and Daniel Gasby '72 receiving diplomas       


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