Career Day 

October 30th, 2019


Previous speakers:

Event Information

Career Day is intended to benefit our students by:
• Introducing them to careers: students gain exposure to different careers.
• Connecting learning: speakers give students background on the type of education required for specific careers.
• Sharing the relevance of schoolwork: students observe how skills learned in the classroom are used on the job.
• Creating a career pathway: students discover which college majors or technical programs feed into different career paths.

This is a great opportunity for presenters to:
• Interact with students
• Meet teachers
• Learn about what is going on at Tech today

Career Day Will Consist of:
• Panel styled discussions
• Breakout workshops & mini-lectures
• Student driven Q&A sessions

Presentation Details:
Details regarding presentations are to be announced. All presenters will be notified at least two weeks prior, and receive packages including itinerary, schedule of presentations and further information regarding the event.


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