Recent Alumni Day

January 7, 2020 at Brooklyn Tech


Registration for This Event is Now Closed, Thank You.


This event invites back recent alums, who are encouraged to talk about life after Tech. Participants arrive at select time frames, based on their availability. All then attend regular classrooms to discuss their experiences with current Brooklyn Tech students. Breakfast and lunch are served on the auditorium stage. 

Below please find a general outline that we hope returning alums will find useful when considering talking points (college graduates can use this as a reference point, and should not be discouraged from attending):

1. College Freshmen:

a. Discuss the transition between High School and College 
b. Discuss dealing with the college process – preparing for it and experiencing it
c. Provide some information about your time at Tech 

2. College Sophomores: 

a. Discuss your second year at college 
b. Major decision- how are you choosing your major? 
c.. Classes you have taken. How have they impacted you? 
d. Freshman year versus sophomore year- what is the difference? 

3. College Juniors: 

a. How is your major so far?
b. Discuss the process of internships, work study, and jobs.
c. Discuss how you utilized your breaks and leisure time.
d. Three years at college – how is it so far? 

4. College Seniors:

a. Reflect on the last four years of college
b. How has college shaped you? What have you learned?
c. Where is life going to go from here after college?


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