Educational Programs

The STEM Pipeline Program

The STEM Pipeline Program is funded by the Foundation and a grant from National Grid.  This two-year program introduces middle school students to the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and math by having experience project-based learning. The students attend a program at Tech on Saturdays during the school year, and for five weeks during the summer.   The pipeline begins with 6th graders, nurtures them and shepherds them through high school. The program provides test prep in   anticipation that students will sit for the Specialized High School Admissions Test and attend Brooklyn Tech.   The pipeline then has the potential to extend beyond high school through college with National Grid providing opportunities for students to have an engineering/technology career at National Grid.

“STEM has opened me up to cool forms of technology I have never seen before and now I definitely want to study more of it and develop a career around it.”

“I definitely think this program has pushed me towards a career in STEM. I felt the pull before, but now that I know what I'm capable of, I know that I'm going to be an engineer.”

Weston Research Scholars Program

Through the major donation from one of our alums, Josh Weston '46, we have launched a three-year research program in which students receive instruction and guidance from Brooklyn Tech teacher mentors  and mentorships at colleges, universities and research facilities with the goal of having projects worthy entering prestigious STEM competitions. This program is now involved with its fourth cohort of students.  Students have entered several prestigious contests including Intel Science Talent Search, Siemens,  Act-So, and the New York Science and Engineering Fair, presented at conferences and had their work published.

"The Weston Research Scholars Program has had a huge impact on the way I think and solve problems. Being part of such an elite group of students gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence throughout my four years at Brooklyn Tech. I've been able to conduct real world research from beginning to end in two university labs, and come out with multiple research reports and publications. I've never been more excited about the future in engineering and science since being involved with this program”


Over 250 Brooklyn Tech students were in internships during the 2018 summer and school years, through an initiative sponsored by the Alumni Foundation. 

“The internship experience was very life changing. I was able to focus in on what type of chemistry I would like to do as a career, which very will be industrial chemistry.”


The Foundation along with Con Edison and generous contributions from various alums has been able to support the Robotics Program.   In the US FIRST Robotics Program, students, design and build a robot which is tasked with specific functions issued by FIRST.   Over the last two years, the Tech Knights have distinguished themselves in competition and have grown as team.  

"Being on the Robotics Team has been one of the best experiences of my life! Since my freshman year I was exposed to engineering in the real world. I learned skills in machinery and design that will stay with me throughout my future engineering career."

Lecture Series

Specialists/experts in various fields have been invited to speak to targeted groups of students.  There are four exciting lectures held each school year.   Students listen to the speaker and then have the opportunity for Q and A at the end of the program.

Partnerships Further Cultivated in 2018

Con Edison; Makerbot; Turner Construction; Stevens Institute of Technology; ACE; Medgar Evers; Cooper Union; Brooklyn Arts Council; Lafayette College; American Society of Civil Engineers; Microsoft; Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

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